Americans with Disabilities Act Arbitration and Mediation Strategies

Found this article from the Georgia State Bar Association. It is focused on the decision to use a mediator or arbitration when the claim is about ADA discrimination in the context of a job claim (Title III) ; it also speaks about requesting accommodations during the mediation and arbitration. 

Courtrooms, mediation and arbitration offices fall under Title II of the ADA.  Before you go to court, get an ADA Advocate …. Before you go to mediation or arbitration get your accommodations. 

It’s all about protecting your rights and making sure you have the time you need to make the right decision for you, your family and your life.

“When it comes to reasonable accommodations/modifications, creativity is the key and the key question is going to be what accommodation out there allows the person with a disability to reach the same starting line without it fundamentally altering the essential functions of the job, the nature of the program, the activity, or the nature of the business.”  Follows the same for the courtroom.