Congratulations High School Graduates! Receiving accommodations in college is getting easier!

It's high school graduation time. Last week I attended my nephew - Brenden's graduation from Ravenscroft High School in Raleigh, N.C. This week, my cousin's daughter Lilly is graduating from Bronxville High School. Congratulations to the students AND their proud parents.

As a full time lawyer and ADA advocate and part time college adjunct professor, I speak with special education lawyers, college officials and students about their paths to college and the importance of understanding the differences in seeking and securing accommodations for learning disabilities in college.

Colleges and universities are inconsistent with what the medical documentation and testing they require to establish a student has a qualifying disability for ADA/504 accommodations. The RISE Act should make it easier by allowing students to submit documentation used in high school to establish their disabilities. Read more about [the RISE Act here ][1]

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