Right to Counsel for the indigent .... Many of my clients ask if they qualify

... to get a pubic defender or 18-b lawyer appointed by the court for their case. Throughout the nation court's dockets are burgeoning with more and more people who cannot afford lawyers yet need to have legal represenation for the most important aspects of their lives.

I follow this issue and wanted to share a recent post from NCRCC - National Coalition for a Right to Civil Counsel.


DOJ: State Courts Imposing Fees and Fines Must Appoint Counsel in “Appropriate” Cases

The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a “Dear Colleague” letter to state chief justices and court administrators in order to "provide greater clarity to state and local courts regarding their legal obligations with respect to the enforcement of court fines and fees.” Among other things, the letter reminded court personnel that the Sixth Amendment guarantees counsel for any criminal proceedings resulting in imprisonment and that "Under the Fourteenth Amendment, defendants likewise may be entitled to counsel in civil contempt proceedings for failure to pay fines or fees."

If you would like to learn more here is the link for the "Dear Colleague" letter:

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