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Pregnant Workers Can Seek Accommodations in NY

As of Jan. 19, 2016 NYS Legalizes Pregnancy Accommodations in Workplace

The Bill amends the New York State Human Rights Law’s definition of reasonable accommodation, which is currently limited in its application to individuals with disabilities, to include actions taken by an employer to permit a person with “a pregnancy-related condition” to perform the job. [Cite:] Report on Legislation by the Committee on Sex and Law, New York City Bar Association

What does this mean for pregnant workers in NY? "Conditions related to childbirth and pregnancy can result in impairment requiring accommodation. Some pregnant workers require modest adjust ments on the job for conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth in order to stay healthy and keep working. Employees may require a stool to sit on, extra restroom breaks, transfer away from hazardous duties, a temporary reprieve from heavy lifting, or a reasonable time for childbirth recovery." Cite

Thanks to Karen Winner, Esq. for alerting me to this news!